Traditional cigarettes and modern technology

For more than 500 years, humans have ingested the nicotine in tobacco through ignition.With the advancement of science and technology, we have the ability to control the temperature and cooperate with low-temperature smoke agent to make tobacco evaporate nicotine without burning.

The core of HIMASU is sophisticated, advanced electronic equipment and the understanding of the nature of tobacco.

Traditional cigarettes burn at 800-900 °C, the smog containing high concentrations of harmful chemicals. HIMASU’s equipment heats the cigarette to a maximum of 300 °C , which just releases tobacco vapor containing nicotine without burning, ash and smoke. Therefore, the content of harmful chemicals is greatly reduced.

How dose Himasu works

HIMASU is a heating system consisting of two main components: equipment for heating cigarettes and low-temperature smoke generating agent.

The working method is: inject the low-temperature smoke generating agent into the cigarette, and then place the cigarette in the heating device. Press the heating button to start heating. After heating is completed, it vibrates, and adult smokers inhale tobacco vapor from the fixed cigarette holder. After heating once, the adult smoker takes it out of the device, cuts out 18mm (1/3 of the cigarette) and discards the heated 18mm. The remaining part of the cigarette can be used twice.

The taste experience of this product depends on the brand and type of cigarette used by the consumer. Different cigarettes will present different flavors.

The heating tube device heats the cigarette to a maximum of 300 degrees, and at the same time monitors its temperature to ensure a consistent taste and prevent it from burning.

The overheating protection mechanism will automatically shut down the device when necessary.

Each use of the device will provide a heating time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

It can be used 10-12 times per charge, just use ordinary mobile phone charging stand