Heated Tobacco total solution

This total solution is based on the current cigarette manufacture technique, process and equipment, the tobacco company may provide the new product with lower investment so as to meet the smokers’ demand for less harmful alternatives.
Heated Tobacco Device

Heated Tobacco device solution includes:

  • ID/MD design which is based on HIMASU T5 product
  • Outer-ring heating tobacco module and airflow design
  • Temperature PID control and optimization system
  • OEM product manufacture delivery
Heated Sticks solution

The sticks could be apply to above heated device, including:

  • Heated Sticks design
  • Tobacco blends design & optimization
  • Sensor quality improvement and unique experience
  • How to manufacture by current technique and equipment
Quality assurance system

The quality system assure the stability of sticks quality for the mass production, including:

  • Important chemicals analysis such as sugar, nitrogen, nicotine
  • NIR device, chemicals model, analysis algorithm
  • The software of NIR network for multiple application