Heat cigarette Products

A healthier way to

Redefine Smoking

HIMASU combines affordability with wellness, to give you a smoking experience that’s both enjoyable and guilt-free.


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High temperature

Reaching temperatures of up to 900 ℃, generating over 250 harmful byproducts.

environmentally unfriendly

High adhesion and unpleasant odor.

Tooth staining

Teeth can become permanently yellowed.

High cost

60% of the cost of cigarettes goes to tax.


low temperature

The temerperature is only about 200 ℃, just enough to release the nicotine.

environmentally friendly

No more second-hand smoke.

No staining of tooth

Teeth won't yellow.

Super saving

The release efficiency of nicotine in HCPs is higher than in burning. Your cigarette cost will be decreased to 30%.

Have you calculated the cost of smoking?

Calculate how much you could save by using HIMASU

How many cigarettes do you smoke daily?

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost?

The value shown for cigarettes is intended purely by way of example. The savings value obtained with HIMASU also includes the cost of the HIMASU device.

How long can I take the money that I bought HIMASU back by using HIMASU?


In 1 Year

Conventional cigarettes cost $912,50

With HIMASU you save- $454,27

What They Say


“The saving effect is enormous. The flavor of the smoke can be customized by choosing different liquids and cigarettes, so there are many different flavors to enjoy.

Japanese user

“In order to save money, I’ve tried many types of products, but I wasn’t satisfied. However, when I met HIMASU this time and smoked it, it tasted good, had a good kick, and it smoked a lot! ‘‘

Japanese User

“I like. It has helped me smoke less and reduce my cigarette bill, plus I can keep smoking the regular cigarettes I love.”


Italian user
We believe  

The best product is one that……

Resonates with the needs of the consumer

Deep understanding of each part

Heat-Not-Burn has never been a fixed-form product, but a more scientific way of using tobacco. HCPs suitable for HIMASU can be created by making minor adjustments to the traditional cigarette production process.

Endless opportunities for diverse partners

No matter if you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, a retailer, or a consumer, we have specialized solutions and products to meet your needs.

“Catering to the unique needs of a wide range of individuals and organizations. No matter your role in the supply chain or as a consumer, we have a solution or product that can benefit you.”

Uniting for the future

For the past decade, we’ve …  


To show the real tobacco.

What is Heat-Not-Burn?

Heating tobacco at a low temperature below its ignition point and used glycerin as a catalyst to efficiently extract the addictive substances.

What is glycerin?

To assist in the extraction of nicotine and aroma from tobacco leaves.


Self-introduction of nicotine.

I am one of those easily misunderstood as causing various tobacco-related diseases.